It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ...and off I go, camera in hand, to capture new images to use for my next series of floral watercolors. A few weeks ago I discovered deep maroon and pale peach irises in a neighbor’s yard. After snapping several frames in the bright sunlight, my neighbor came onto his deck, coffee in hand, to investigate. A great way to meet the neighbors and begin a dialogue ...just walk in their yards and start clicking away!!

Today is perfect for capturing just emerging gladioli...soft pinks, bright oranges, even a few purples fill the camera’s view finder. I love the tall “standing-at-attention” aura they create in a garden otherwise full of shorter less ‘commanding my attention’ blossoms. Daisies and black-eyed susans are replete and offer up their faces for inclusion in my reference album.

Now it’s back to the studio to choose, crop and edit the references for this week’s flower of the season. Stop back to view the progress I’m making.

“When I go out into the countryside and see the sun and the green and everything flowering, I say to myself, “Yes, indeed, all that belongs to me.” ...Henri Rousseau


Fall in Florida...

seems like spring in Maryland!! We've finally made the big retirement move to SW Florida and it is heavenly. Didn't even mind the heat of the Florida summer as it was much hotter back in Berlin, Maryland. Have been so busy unpacking and trying to sort out space for a studio that I haven't done much painting in the last two months. But that's about to change! I was juried into the Naples Fine Art and Crafts Festival on Thanksgiving week-end so want to add at least one new piece to my show. There is a night-blooming flower here called Cereus and I am fascinated with the growth patterns and dramatic petal arrangements. So that will be my next effort...come back soon to see how it turns out. See ya!